10 Compelling Reasons To Add Video To Your Website

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Telling your story via web video makes a big difference in your business. It makes your website more human, more accessible, and more appealing. When engaged in your other communications channels, your videos will improve the effectiveness of those as well.

Here are ten top statistics from research findings of recent industry studies. I think you’ll agree that these statistics make quite a compelling case for web video to tell your stories!

1.      “Brands using online video have seen lifts of 20% to 40% in terms of incremental buying, with conversions that are twice the rate of other media.” (1)

2.      21% of retail web video viewers make a purchase online. (1)

3.      26% of retail web video viewers visit a store. (2)

4.      21% of retail web video viewers request more information. (1)\

5.      Video landing pages generate four to seven times higher engagement and response rates than static image and text landing pages. (3)

6.      Well-optimized video is fifty-three times more likely than text to appear on the front page of Google. (4)

7.      68% of the top 50 Internet retailers use web video. (5)

8.      71% of Internet users watch video. (1)

9.      65% of all videos are viewed between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. (1)

10.  33% of middle managers under 50 view work-related videos every day. (1)

Quality video on your website can help your business. Low quality video will drive prospects to your competitors.

Quality video:

  • Has a single clear message
  • Includes a call to action
  • Is recorded with professional cameras, lights and sound equipment
  • Is edited
  • Includes graphics that give your name and contact information

iSpeakEASY is here to help you. We provide Professional Performance Speech Coaching plus Professional Videography to create compelling video for your website. We will even post and optimize your video right on your site for you. It’s fast, effective, and affordable.

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© 2010 iSpeakEASY – All rights reserved.  This speaking tip is one in a series provided to you by iSpeakEASY: We Help People Profit From Their Words.

You are welcome to link to this page. If you wish to reprint or repost this article, please email us for permission. Call for information on individual coaching or group training.


Thank you to Dave Neelsen of StoryFirst for allowing us to use his list.

(1) Chris Crafton, CMO,, reported by Target Marketing at a Philadelphia
Direct Marketing Association networking and breakfast meeting.
(2) BIA/Kelsey User View study data, February 2010, reported by
(3) SearchEngineWatch, February 2010.
(4) Forrester Research, January 2010.
(5) Internet Retailer, July 2010.

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