Choosing A Camera To Make Video For My Website

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Video on your web-site is the rage and for good reason.  It increases the likelihood you will be found by Google (and other search engines), drives people to your site, and puts a face to your business.  Many people take the do-it-yourself approach in an effort to cut costs.  This can work for you but having the right equipment is essential.
I asked videographer Alan Fitch for guidance on choosing the “right” camera for the job. Here is his response:

“There are plenty of consumer cameras that record good-looking images. Where most cameras fall down is in the quality of the audio, which is typically tinny sounding, distorted, very faint, or all of the above.

If you are looking to create a do-it-yourself video for website distribution, you should use a camera that has an external microphone input along with a separate microphone. This will require some looking around, as most consumer cameras rely on the on-camera microphone – not something you want to do if your video is going to reflect your business. A decent lavalier (lapel) microphone can be purchased from Radio Shack, and will make a tremendous difference in the quality of the video.

Let me emphasize the importance of understanding how your online video is going to reflect both you and your business. This is kind of a no-brainer (I can hear readers saying, “yes – I know that”) but you’d be surprised how many people discount the effect that production quality has on client perception.

If you have a cottage business, and your clients are home gardeners, for instance, then a “down home” video with a shaky camera and thin sound will be less likely to disconnect viewers from you. No problem there – they love the content and don’t care about the delivery.

But if you are a professional, then your video, like all your marketing materials, needs to reflect that professionalism, and you need to make every effort to see that it does. The content needs to have value, you’ve got to grab attention in the first 10 seconds, and you have to do it in such a way that the “container” you’re delivering it in doesn’t distract from the message or bounce the viewer right off your site because it’s so bad.

It’s better to have no video at all, than to have one that fails to portray you and your business in the best light possible.

I hope this helps.”

Alan Fitch of Visual Story Media has been connecting businesses with clients through video since 1987.

If you feel a do-it-yourself video works for your business, then take time to work on your script, set up lighting, buy a good camera, and use an external microphone. If you feel you need to present yourself in a more professional manner, iSpeakEASY can help.

iSpeakEASY is here to help you. We provide Professional Performance Speech Coaching plus Professional Videography to create compelling video for your website. We will even post and optimize your video right on your site for you. It’s fast, effective, and affordable.

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