What’s the Reel Deal with Video?

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Article by Ryan Kelly of WSI Smart Marketing

Videos are key in this day and age. They are vital in decision making as well as in enhancing traffic. Placing your video in YouTube is a great way to get your video out there, but that’s all it’s going to do. It’s not going to drive much traffic to your  website to your business. YouTube inherently drives traffic to your YouTube channel, not your website. Here are some key points to consider when using video in your website and syndicating out across the Internet.

First, you must present a professional video. It shouldn’t be shaky and amateur. Put ample time into scripting the video, and use equipment that will make you look good and represent your company well. If your video looks cheap, you look cheap. If you don’t sound like a specialist, then you’re not a specialist.  If it looks thrown together, then your work must be thrown together. You get the point.

Second, have a professional company place your video into a professional player and then place it in your website. The player should always be hosted independently so that regardless of someone’s computer or software, they can watch it. Professional players allow you to tag or program the video with advanced search engine optimization techniques, allowing you to rise in the video rankings online. This is important because when someone does a search and the video comes up in Google, you want them on your website where the rest of your information resides. They will be exposed to more relative information about what the video touches on. You will increase conversion and traffic if this is done properly.

After you have a professional video and after it’s properly placed in your website, you will want to syndicate it out to several other major video sharingsites. YouTube is just the first of many. With saturation comes relativity in Google’s eyes. If you push your video to other websites, Google sees that you have a lot of relative information coming from your website and it will not only help your video come up higher in the Google rankings, but it will directly affect your website rankings.

Video can help drive traffic to your website but quality video will help convert viewers into customers.

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