9 Steps To Create Effective PowerPoint Slides

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A properly designed slide is legible, interesting, and easy to understand. It contains one main idea and uses PowerPoint to add emphasis to the spoken word. Use these steps to design effective slides.

1    Identify a single objective for each graphic

What do you want the slide to show?

2    Reveal new information slowly

Use animation to show new data one piece at a time.

3    Determine the type of image you need

What is the best image to convey your point? Pick what is ideal, not what you have. You can find a picture of just about anything. Create your own graphs and charts rather than using an image created for another purpose or in another program.

4    Design the general layout

Place objects so the eye can flow left-to-right and then from top to bottom.

5    Use color to highlight your slide

Limit the slide to two or three complimentary colors in addition to black and white. Use bold colors to focus attention to your main point.

6    Select a font that is easy to read and reflects your message

Select a sans serif font (i.e. Arial or Comic Sans) which is easy to read from a distance.

 7    Use animations and special effects sparingly

Keep the focus on your talk. Save bold movements to add special emphasis and interest.

8    Check for design flaws

Project the image on the wall. Stand in the back of the room and see if it is readable.

 9    See if it works

Show the slide to colleague – then turn it off. Ask what they remember.

Use your imagination. Experiment

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  1. Good stuff I’ve bookmarked this in Digg under “9 Steps To Create Effective PowerPoint Slides iSpeakEASY blog”. So hopefully our friends can give you a visit. Cheers!

  2. […] 9 steps to creating effective PowerPoint Slides […]

  3. Thank you Ethan for these tips. Thought I could add a few more tips to help design the slides better with PowerPoint 2010.
    1. Stick to one bullet style throughout the presentation. Filled round bullets and square ones work best when you have phrases/sentences to display on slides.
    2. If you want to show a step-by-step process, convert the bullet points into SmartArt graphics.

    A feature of PowerPoint 2010 that I find very useful is the ‘Rehearse Timings’ option under Slideshow. This allows you to rehearse the presentation so that it fits within a certain time limit. While rehearsing, you can record the time taken to present each slide. Later, when you give your presentation to the actual audience, the slides can advance automatically. This is used to create a self-running presentation that can be mailed to a client for viewing, or set up at a booth or trade show.

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