Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

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Speaking Tip 54

Imagine walking into a room where there is money on the table. You can’t see how much but you know it is there. All you have to do to get it is talk. The better your presentation, the more money you will get.

At the end of your talk, you walk out with $10 and you feel you must have done a good job. Later you find out there was an additional $190 on the table Now how good do you think your performance was?

We evaluate our speaking ability, to a degree, by our success. The problem is we rarely know how much better we could have done. Regardless of what we accomplish, we don’t know what was left on the table.

After a recent talk, the presenter boasted that five members of the audience approached him and asked him for a card. That is good but what about the other 95 people who quietly shuffled out the door without a word?

A business owner recently boasted to me that his company enjoys a 90% success rate when presenting to qualified prospects. That is phenomenal. He smiled as he enrolled his employees in a speaking skills workshop stating he wanted to bring that to 95%. He did not like leaving money on the table.

Some of us do not believe we are “selling” when we speak – but we are all trying to accomplish something. Sometimes we sell things, other times it is ideas or beliefs.

When a supervisor addresses employees, she is “selling” the idea of a new procedure or attitude. A parent “sells” the idea of a new behavior to their children while children “sell” the idea of new freedom to their parents. A scientist “sells” the need for further research. A politician “sells” the need for votes or support. The environmentalist “sells” the need for conservation, and so on.

Good presentation skills will help you get more of the money off the table and into you pocket. Whether your goal is to actually take the cash or change an attitude – proper training and coaching will help you improve your results.

ISpeakEASY will help you improve your speaking skills, allowing you to accomplish more with your words. Regardless of how good you are now, we can help you better. CLICK HERE for a list of upcoming workshops or call (415) 342-7106 and ask about individualized coaching or a workshop for your company.

We don’t see the money we leave on the table – but it is there every time we finish speaking.

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