The Windfalls of PowerPoint

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The Windfalls of PowerPoint

Speaking Tip #19

Chances are you have seen more poor uses of PowerPoint than you have good ones. Most people fall into the “Pitfalls of PowerPoint”* while neglecting the “windfalls” the program offers. The “pitfall” is italicized while the corresponding “windfall” is in regular text.

Too Much Text – Use Images To Illustrate Your Words

A picture, graph, clip art or even a shape can convey your ideas. If you feel drawn to words, write them down and then imagine a way to say the message graphically.

Reading The Words On The Screen – Let Your Audience Do Their Own Reading

Your slides should illustrate your point, not be a repeat of what you are saying. If you use text, allow your audience to read for themselves.

Overdoing Special EffectsUse Special Effects To Highlight Special Points

Use special effects as you would an exclamation point: sparingly. Choose subtle, rather than dramatic, slide transitions and entrances as much as possible.

 Not Letting The Speaker Be The FocusLet The Speaker Shine!

You are the main attraction, not your slides.  Impress the audience with a well-organized and presented talk. Your slides are support, not the entrée.

Graphic Mergers Create Sharp Graphics With Colors That Work Together

Design your slides so that colors are complementary and distinct. Choose colors that work together well and are distinct from each other.

Distracting BackgroundsSelect Templates Carefully: Create Custom Backgrounds

Let your images be the focal point, not the background. Use the bold templates sparingly: Use subtle backgrounds to compliment your images.

Text Too SmallUse Few Words In A Large Font

Pare down sentences into concepts.  As a rule of thumb, use a font that is 48-points or greater.

Poor ImagesUse Quality Images

Decide the perfect image to make your point. Utilize free clip art and photos or purchase a graphic image program. Be sure to project a high-quality image.

Use these windfalls to help you deliver a brilliant presentation that shines!

A Workshop To Help You Improve Your PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint: The Basics You Never Learned  is a 3 hour workshop that helps you design and deliver effective presentations using PowerPoint. This session covers how to properly design slides, create readable graphs and charts, avoid common blunders, and deliver PowerPoint like a pro. Click HERE for info.

* “Pitfalls of PowerPoint”, © 2005 Verbal Victories, Dr. Jon Hooper

© 2007 iSpeakEASY – All rights reserved. Links encouraged, reprinting, copying, or reposting requires permission of iSpeakEASY.

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