Your Web Video: Is It Good, Bad, Profitable?

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Today’s business owners know the value of website video. They know it increases search engine rankings. They know it helps build a relationship with prospects. They know visitors are more inclined to watch a short video than to read a block of text.

Surprisingly, though, many business owners, rather than create a professional video, opt for the “do-it-yourself” approach. To save a few dollars, they disregard two not-so-hidden costs of amateur video:

1)    The value of their time setting up equipment, recording, editing, and posting.

2)    The loss of business from having an amateur video on their website.

While anyone can shoot video and post it on YouTube, a professional videographer does so much more, by ensuring correct camera angles, proper lighting, quality sound, complimentary background, effective editing, and appropriate graphics.

And the most difficult and frequently undervalued part of the video is the message. This can’t be just a quick statement of facts about a business. It must a short, interesting story that concludes with a clear call to action that visitors can’t ignore.

Think of your own website. Prospects spend about 10 seconds viewing it, then decide if this is or isn’t the business they’re looking for. Your message and the quality of your video make an impression that determines if these prospects call you – or your competition.

Yes, any video on your site draws traffic, but your goal is to increase business, not simply get more hits on your website.

As you’re deciding how to proceed with video, ask yourself: Would you hand out homemade business cards with perforations attached? Would you design your own logo, web pages, or other marketing material? If you depend on professionals in these other areas, why would you even think about posting an amateur video on your website?

Experts agree the video on your home page needs to reflect you as you are – a skilled businessperson who pays attention to detail. You simply can’t portray this with amateur video. Some may say amateur video is “good enough,” but it isn’t.

Your competitors love you for using amateur video. (That sound you hear is another visitor clicking off your site and looking for the competition.)

After all, your image is everything. When you invest in professional videography, you’ll save time while creating the best possible image for you and your business

iSpeakEASY is here to help you. We provide Professional Performance Speech Coaching plus Professional Videography to create compelling video for your website. We will even post and optimize your video right on your site for you. It’s fast, effective, and affordable.

Click here for information on how easy it is for you to get professional video for your website.

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  1. All very good points. A business video must be tightly focused, have visual appeal and a storyline with a call to action and professional production really shows. I have experience in video production and what a great presentation can achieve.

    I’m wondering what you have to say about avoiding the pitfalls of Adobe Flash Player? The instability often prompts me to quit Web sites, which start a Flash video spinning and blaring then jerks to a halt. So I have yet to embed video in my blog. Any suggestions for getting around these problems?

    • Thanks for your response. You obviously have a level of expertise in this area.

      The article addresses the importance of bringing in trained specialists to do a job if you expect to have professional results. We have all heard and experienced the “jack of all trades and master of none”. Personally that is not how I choose to represent my business.

      iSpeakEASY combines the skills of a Performance Speech Coach (to develop a clear message), a web services guru (to properly post and optimize the finished clip), and a professional videographer with a studio (to record and and enhance the clip).

      Alan Fitch of Visual Story Media is one of the best videographers in the North Bay and subsequently the one I work with on this project. As your question addresses his area of expertese, I have asked him to respond to your message. His relpy follows. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

      “As good as Flash is, it’s probably best to avoid using the format for video on your website at this point in time. This is primarily because Apple portables (ie, iPad and iPhone) will not play flash video without being hacked. A better choice at this time is probably
      mp4 (H.264), which gives playback quality every bit as good as flash and will play on pretty much everything out there right now. Be aware that in order for these videos to start playing quickly from a website, they need to be encoded with an index that allows them to start before they are completely downloaded onto the device. This is a simple matter for someone experienced in encoding for the Internet, and there is also free software out there that will do this for you if you are feeling adventurous.

      As a side note: having video or music, either flash or any other kind, play immediately when a visitor lands on your website is generally not a good idea. A significant percentage of people browsing the Internet do so from a work environment in the middle of the day, and the last thing they will want is to be sitting in a cubicle and have music suddenly blaring — telling everyone around them that they are not actually doing work.” – Alan Fitch, Visual Story Media of Petaluma

      • Thanks Alan. Yes, I agree about not having videos run off at the mouth, the instant a web site opens.

        Not only does that tend to startle a viewer (potential customer), but I find the experience of playing immediately leaves me wondering if there will be any chance to interact or connect with a person or customer service. I find instant play video, parallel with the worst of shouting-style-at-audiences TV commercials. My reaction is to turn them off or leave the room.

      • Research shows that many people surf the web at work and REALLY do not like autoplay video as it “alerts” others as to what they are doing…

    • One more thought, in case you did not catch it in the article, You are invited to join us for a presentation on “Creating Effective Video For Your Website” on Tuesday, October 25th. The event is hosted by the Novato Chamber of Commerce networking group.

      It will be held at Atria at 853 Tamalpias Ave, Novato. Please arrive at 7:30 AM. Refreshments will be served.

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