Becoming A Perfect Speaker

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A client told me she was disappointed in the speaking skills training session as she did not feel her skills had improved as a result. Listening to her, I did have to agree. She had attended a 1-hour introductory talk and applied little, if anything, to her repertoire.  Her expectation was that if she attended a single session, she would have the magic elixir needed to bring her to perfection. Even the best speaking coach cannot deliver that level of excellence.

If you believe you can attend a speaking skills workshop and become a “perfect speaker”, forget it. Please don’t attend as you will leave disappointed.

It would be better for you to sign up for your local Toastmasters group where you can attend weekly meetings and receive lots of positive feedback on your speaking skills. In time, you will come to believe you are, indeed, perfect.

If you participate in an iSpeakEASY workshops (or one lead by another speaking coach), you may learn that speaking is a complicated art with many variables. You may walk away at times frustrated that there is so much to learn. You may realize that much of what you have been doing for so long is not right. You may learn that speaking well takes work and concentration. You may discover that you will never become a “great speaker”, you may however, become a much better speaker. You will become a person that has knowledge and skills that when applied, can reap great benefits.

iSpeakEASY workshops (and the workshops of all credible speaking coaches) provide a foundation of information and ideas. You will be exposed to new ideas and new ways to think about your entire presentation. You may discover the importance of small nuances, or that what you want to say has little bearing over what the audience needs to hear.

You may never become excellent – you should however, expect to become much better than you are right now. You should expect to see an increase in your effectiveness (by whatever means you choose to judge), you should expect to become more engaging, a bit more relaxed, and able to enjoy your speaking.

Perfection as a speaker, as in all things is a goal to strive for. You may never reach the goal but you will get much closer to it the more you learn and try.

Of course, if you want to learn to be a better speaker…enroll in the Speakers Academy.


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