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A Magic Elixir For Speakers

In exective coaching, PowerPoint, Public Speaking, Social Media on December 16, 2012 at 2:48 PM

When I speak, I often get tongue- tied. I stutter and don’t know what to say. Is there something I can do about that?”

David was sincere in asking this question at the workshop. I sugmagic elixir 2 copygested to him that he review the 9-step process we discussed earlier for designing talks. That he make time to adequately prepare, determine his desired outcome, have a clear message, know his 3-5 talking points, practice, create good visual aids, practice some more, and evaluate his presentations. He listened intently nodding before saying “Yes, I get all that. When I do prepare, my presentations are fine. I want to know how to present well without all the preparation. What is the shortcut to get me there?”

Sadly, I had no magic elixir, no pill, and no one-step process to offer David.  I see myself as a good coach, but not a magician.

What David expressed is what many of want – the ability to reach his goals without the pain of the effort.   He wants to succeed but puts preparation as a low level priority. Is it any surprise that when he is front of the audience, at the moment it really counts, he stumbles, his confidence falters, and he is seen as less credible?

I hope David learns that time spent preparing for a talk is an investment in his success When he is able to get his point across and inspire audiences to take action, he will quickly accomplish his goals and can move on to his next project. That is success. That is a saving of time.

Good public speaking is it takes time to prepare. I hope David learns this soon.


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