Making Your Presentation Forgettable Is Easy

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Speaking Tip 99

Making a forgettable presentation is so easy that 80% of speakers achieve this lofty goal. To help you bring your talk in line with the majority of speakers, I offer you these tips and attitudes – embrace them fully and you can literally watch members of your audience lose interest and drift off into space:

  • The role of the speaker is to talk and the role of the audience is to listen
  • You do not need to prepare if you are just presenting to your peers or at a staff meeting
  • Information alone is all that is needed to change opinions and gain the support of your audience
  • The air needs to be filled with words…YOUR words and lots of them
  • You have a lot to say and your audience wants to hear it all
  • Your jokes are hilarious
  • Eliminating breaks and pauses gives the speaker more time to talk and insures the audience will learn more
  • The audience NEEDS and wants to hear all the information the speaker has on a subject to gain a better understanding of the issue
  • It is better to give too much information than to little
  • You are the source of information and audience members are empty shells waiting to be filled
  • Talking faster allows you to give your audience more information in the same amount of time
  • It is best to put the script of your presentation on slides and show these to the audience
  • The audience likes looking at your back as you read the words on the screen
  • The speaker is the most important person in the room which is why everyone is looking at you
  • Make sure to accommodate YOUR needs as speaker first, and don’t worry about the audience
  • Small fonts are on the screen is easy to read, especially if your audience is over 40 and sitting far away
  • Audiences love slides with bright colors and fancy fonts as they make your presentation more fun
  • Long lists of “tips” are helpful and easy to remember

The best part about forgettable presentations is they take very little time to prepare and it does not matter what the speaker says as no one is listening anyway! These tips are free so use as many of them as possible in your next presentation – that way you will more effectively help your audience learn more in less time.

This “tongue-in-cheek” article is one in a series from iSpeakEASY. We help people present information in an exciting and relevant manner – usually by helping them avoid the mistakes discussed here. Contact us for information on workshops and coaching. Visit us at

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