Enhanced Presentation Skills For Scientists

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Myths about technical talks

Contrary to conventional wisdom that says the technical audience is eager for a “data dump”, a survey by Hewlett Packard reflect people’s preference for talks that are well organized and easy to follow. Technical speakers who try to show how much they know by making their presentation complex would be more successful if instead they focused on simplifying their message. It’s a classic example of ‘less is more’”.

Rather than wanting more technical details, techies wanted:

  • More concise information
  • More effective style
  • Better visual aids

iSpeakEASY and the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture are providing two interactive seminars to help scientists deliver technical information that help audiences make better informed choices These specially priced workshops are designed for presenters providing scientific or technical information and are scheduled several weeks prior to the State of Estuary Conference.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

California Coastal Commission, San Francisco, CA

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Information and Registration

Session 1: Speak So People Will Listen

9 AM to noon

Imagine how much easier it would be to design your next talk if you knew exactly what the audience wanted to hear. Improve the effectiveness of your presentation by providing the information your audience wants to hear in an engaging manner.

This interactive session identifies the:

  • 3 qualities of an effective speaker
  • 4 tools to improve your presentation
  • 5 fatal flaws of public speaking

Each participant will develop a theme statement and outline for an upcoming presentation

Click to register

Effective PowerPoint Skills

1 PM to 4 PM

PowerPoint (and similar programs) has become a mainstay in scientific presentations. It is a powerful tool when used properly yet most presenters use it merely to display text and charts. “Death by PowerPoint” is an all too common experience.

This workshop is designed for presenters providing scientific or technical information. This session will help you:

  • Select the right visual aid for your situation
  • Present visual aids in your presentation
  • Design slides that convey your message
  • Use PowerPoint like a professional

Working in small groups, participants create slides that convey complex information in a simple and complete manner.

This session will change the way you use PowerPoint.

Click to register

  1. Ethan,

    Hope this blog starts out with “don’t read your freaking research. Be interesting instead.”


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