Open Minds Are Key To Good Communication

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During the informal business networking luncheon the attention fell to one member who had just finished speaking. Several people in the room were inspired to offer their thoughts on how this person could make the information provide more compelling to his prospects. The ideas were simple and all focused on helping this person be more successful and yet each suggestion was met with denial – “I already do that”, “wait until you hear my presentation next week” or “that does not work”.

This person was convinced that his current level of skill and success was sufficient and that he did not need any additional help.

The advice was coming from a group of his peers – other business owners who also must speak about and market their services and who also may benefit from the services provided. Yet the speaker was convinced the ideas presented had no merit and he already had the answers.

As I sat back and observed the situation, I wondered how much money this closed-minded approach was costing this man. Potential clients were telling him what they wanted to hear in order to want his services and the speaker denounced each idea.

An alternate approach would have been to listen to each idea, evaluate what was being said, and perhaps even give it try.

Even if your income is not tied to sales, your success in your work is linked to your effectiveness at conveying ideas and information. How much time and energy could you save by being more effective with your communication skills? How much more quickly could you achieve your goals if you improved the way you present your ideas?

We will get college degrees, attend seminars, and even do tutorials to learn new apps for our phone. Too few of us are willing to take time to learn how to effectively communicate our thoughts and ideas in a way that motivates and inspires others. We assume we already possess these skills.

How open are you to learning new ideas? How open are you to being more successful?

Find a workshop or coach and improve your communication skills.

This Speaking Tip is one in a series from iSpeakEASY. We help people present information in an exciting and relevant manner – usually by helping them avoid the mistakes discussed here. Contact us for information on workshops and coaching.

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