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Mini Workshop and Networking Event

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“Avoid Dangerous Assumptions When You Speak” explores how our thinking and beliefs about speaking can hurt your business and your projects.

Like all iSpeakEASY workshops, this session will be highly interactive and fast-paced. You will leave the session with a new set of ideas on how to be more successful when you speak about your business whether you are presenting to a group of 100 or single client.

Thursday February 11, 2016
Noon to 1:30
Stone Tree Clubhouse,
9 StoneTree Lane, Novato

This session is a part of the “Noon Networking Meeting” sponsored by the Novato Chamber of Commerce. There is a $20 fee which covers your lunch.

We hope to see you there and bring a friend or co-worker. Do come prepared with a 30-second infomercial and business cards to share.

While you can just show up and no RSVP is required, it would be helpful if you send an email to

If you can’t make the event, here is a short and humorous article on common assumptions on public speaking – I hope none of these hold true for you.

5 Assumptions About Public Speaking

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ask-questionsPreparing for a presentation is difficult as there are many unknown variables. It is acceptable for a speaker to make certain assumptions about a presentation. Here is a list of the 5 basic assumptions a speaker can make when preparing for a presentation.


  1. Assume all your equipment will work perfectly. Do not arrive early to do a check, do not call ahead to troubleshoot any compatibility issues. It can be a good idea to boot your PowerPoint as the audience watches this will allow you to share the cute picture you have on your desktop.
  2. Assume you are the expert and the audience knows less than you. You do not need to ask audience members what they know or believe about your topic – assume they know nothing. Speak the entire time leaving very little, if any, time for questions. The faster you speak, the more words you say, the bigger “bang for the buck” the audience receives.
  3. Assume you are more important than the audience. Do not waste time learning about your audience or listening to audience member before you speak. You are the speaker, not them. It is more important they learn who you are as you are the guest. Besides, in 45 minutes you will be out the door and will never see these people again. Anything you may learn will be a waste.
  4. Assume the audience will not care about your appearance. Dress in a very casual manner as this will help audience will see you as a regular guy. Overdressing can make you seem stuffy and unapproachable. Wearing jeans to a business function is good as your relaxed demeanor will help the audience relax.
  5. Assume the audience will forgive you if you mispronounce the name of your host and the organization that asked you to speak. This will demonstrate to them that you believe you are important and will leave them wondering if they named their organization incorrectly.


Speaking is often considered a “soft skill” – that is one that is less important than other business or life skills. Many people believe they can “muddle their way through” most any speaking situation without any formal training or even much thought. Research supports this theory as 82% of speakers are fair to poor.

Implement these 5 assumptions you can be part of the majority!

 Mini-Workshop on “Dangerous Assumptions On Public Speaking”

Thursday, February 11, 2016 – Details

This “tongue-in-cheek” speaking tip is provided by iSpeakEASY. Our clients become the 18% of speakers that are good to excellent. Contact us for information on individual coaching or group workshops.

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