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The Whole Is Cooler Than The Pieces

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The presentation had all the right elements: an introduction, good background on the topic, 3 well-laid out points, and a clear conclusion. The presenter had taken all the right steps in preparing the talk and put a fair amount of time into his work. The problem was the end result was boring. Dull. Dry. Uninspiring.

The surprising thing is the project he is speaking on is anything but boring: – it is innovative, outdoorsy, creative, full of hope and prospect and something that 90% of people could easily support.

pieces and the whole

In his efforts to define each part of the project (the history, the pieces, the location), the speaker had lost sight of the whole, and in doing so, lost the sense of what made this project so cool in the first place. Someone had a vision for this project that was shared with others and over the course of time, they had found money and time to make it a reality. Very little, if any of the excitement or passion that allowed this project to blossom was presented in this talk.

Many speakers dissect their projects into the individual pieces and lose sight of the whole – what is it that makes your topic, your project so exciting and special? It similar to a baker talking about the ingredients, the oven, and the baking pan without ever describing the delicious, beautiful cake.

As you create your next talk, remember to include that really big cool idea that is the foundation of your entire project. Describe the end result of your project at the beginning of your talk – use it as your opener to grab the attention of your audience. Chances are the very thing that excites you about your project will excite your audience as well. Once they are excited, they may just be interested in all those pieces and details.

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