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What Makes A Visual Aid Effective?

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keep it simpleEffective visual aids intrigue your audience and support the point you are making.  The impact of your visual aid will increase if it is properly designed and presented appropriately.

A good visual aid contains only information needed to make your primary point. Every word, line, dot or picture should be necessary to make the one point you are trying to achieve. Everything else is irrelevant and will confuse the audience. It is better to present less information than to drown your audience in details.

Effective Visual Aids Are Clean, Simple And To The Point!

If there are several bits of information needed on a particular visual aid, disclose them one at a time allowing your audience to absorb them before moving to the next point.

When presenting your image, expose it to your audience at the point in your talk that it is relevant. Allow your audience adequate time to look at and understand your image before you begin speaking again. Once you move to the next topic, take the image down so the audience will again focus on your words.

Your visual aid needs to be readable by everyone in the room. While there are guides that will help you calculate the proper size of text and images, the best test is to put your image up and then stand in the back of the room you will be presenting in. If this is not possible, put it up in a large room and step back and see how far you can go and still read the words and letters. The back row of your audience should be no further back than this point.

Another good test is to show your visual aid to a co-worker (or outsider). Have them view it from the same distance you expect your audience to view it, take it down and ask what they remember. Does it make sense, is there anything they find confusing or any information they feel is missing? Are the words and symbols readable?

Making it easier for your audience to understand what you are saying is the whole purpose of making a presentation. A well thought out and appropriately used visual aid can create that moment of discovery that you can hear in the room!


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