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Adding Sheen To Your Powerpoint Presentation

Myths About Technical Talks

What Rights Does A Speaker Have?


4 Strategies For Answering Questions (especially when you don’t know the answer)

Simply Terrible Opening Lines

3 Traits Of A Successful Speaker

Making A Memorable Toast

The One Thing All Audiences Care About

Speak Well Every Time You Talk

Staying Tuned In With Your Audience

The Worst Ways To Start Or End A Presentation

A Checklist Of What NOT To Do During A Presentation

The Whole Is Cooler Than The Pieces

An Equation For An Excellent Presentation

How Much Time Do You Have To Grab Their Attention?

5 Assumptions About Public Speaking

The Story Of Gary Casey

Some Words Have No Meaning – So Why Use Them?

This Is What Others Say About iSpeakEASY

A Tough Act To Follow

So What?

Open Minds Are Key To Good Communication

The Benefits Of Speaking Well

Avoid The Awkward Close

Do We Really Need To Feel Nervous?

5 Things You Can Do To Bore Your Audience

Enhanced Speaking Skills For Scientists

A Free Speaking Skills Mini-workshop

The Last Time I Let An Audience Get The Best Of Me

ARISE and Speak Quickly On Your Feet

Put The “You” Before the “I”

Tips For Reducing Nervousness When You Speak

Bring Your Message Home

Talk About The ONE Thing You Know Your Audience Cares About

Bridge Building And Better Speaking

Do My Words Mean The Same To You As They Do To Me?

The Most Important Tip For Effective Speaking

Don’t Give Your Audience Too Many Choices

Facebook Is Not Dead And Ethan Rotman Should Not Be Coroner

Systematic Buzz Phrase Projector

Moving Your Audience From Here To Over There

Growing Interpretation Through Innovation – Audience Comments

Interpretation In The Real World

How Much Information Is The Right Amount?

Reasons You Should NOT Improve Your Speaking Skills

Presentation Checklist

The Benefits Of Speaking Well

So What?

Some Fun Words

A Speaker’s Golden Opportunity

Making Your Presentation Forgettable is Easy

What Are Your Words Worth?

Myths About Technical Talks

Do You Speak The Same Language As Your Audience?

Maybe I Should Have Asked More Questions Before I Agreed To Speak?

Finding A Good Speaking Coach

The Good And Bad Of Visual Aids

Eight “Tricks” To A Great Presentation

Making The Mundane Exciting And The Exciting Mundane

Designing Effective PowerPoint Slides

We Learn A Lot By Watching Others

Five Bad Assumptions You Can Make About Speaking

“I’ll just Pick It Up Along The Way”

Like Filler In A Hot Dog

Real Life Examples Of Terrible Opening Lines

The Worst Ways To Start Or End Your Talk

A Magic Elixir For Speakers

Four Things Everyone Can Do To Improve Their Presentations

Three Things I Learned From This Speaker (and the one thing she was really trying to say)

Becoming A Perfect Speaker

Steps To Create A Yawn Inspiring Presentation

The Tremendous Advantage Of Being A Good Speaker

A Really Great Question

Preparing For The End

PowerPoint: Villain or Hero?

Comfortable Speakers Are Not Always Effective Speakers

Are You Trying To Change The World (or a piece of it)?

All Artists Are Self-Taught

A PowerPoint Tip: Presenter’s View

Why Should Anyone Listen To You?

Pitfalls of PowerPoint: #s 8 and 9

Are We Communicating?

When Is It The Right Time To Not Speak?

Fear Of Public Speaking Is Universal

Show The Audience You Don’t Care

Add Value To Your Words

Does This Word Mean The Same To You As It Does To Me?

The Single Most Important Speaking Tip

Think Fast! Tips For Impromptu Speaking

Fewer Choices Lead To Better Results

How Much Time Do You Really Have To Grab Their Attention?

Earn More When You Network

6 Ways To Lose Your Audience In The First 10 Seconds

Your Web Video: Is It Good, Bad, Profitable?

Three Reasons To Add Video To Your Website

Put Your Gold Up Front

It Is Pretty, But Does It Work?

Help Your Audience Remember Your Words

Getting Straight With Visual Aids

Can Your Powerpoint Pass The Coffee Test?

Not All Information Is Created Equal

The Windfalls Of Powerpoint

Sales Presentation Skills: An Interview

“How To Speak So Your Audience Will Listen” – A Mini Workshop

Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

5 Myths About Technical Talks

“Speak So Your Audience Will Listen” – A Free Presentation

9 Steps To Create Effective Powerpoint Slides

Powerpoint Success Tips

Reasons You May Not Need Help With Your Presentations

What An Audience Wants From A Speaker

The Rights Of Speakers

Qualities Of A Great Training Workshop

Unlocking The Minds Of Your Audience

Gratitude And Appreciation For $.24

Moving From Here To There

15 Seconds

Pitfall Of Powerpoint #S 6 And 7

Pitfalls Of Powerpoint #S 4 And 5

Let Your Passion Show

Good Presenters Always Offer Their Best

What Is The Reel Deal With Video?

Finding The Right Speaking Skills Workshop

Choice Words To Use In Your Next Presentation

Three Reasons To Add Video To Your Website

Giving Thanks: An Inspiring Toast For Your Holiday Meal

Signs Of A Deadly Presentation

Choosing A Camera To Make Video For My Website

Alienating The 2%

10 Compelling Reasons To Add Video To Your Website

Know What You Are Trying To Say

82% Of Presentations Are Mediocre

Seven Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Video Marketing

The Power Of A Pause

Give Your Best

Preparing For The End

The TED Commandments

Preparing Speakers (TED)

Training Is A Necessity During Tough Economic Times

Can You Change The World In Two Minutes Or Less?

Pitfalls Of Powerpoint #S  2, And 3

On Communication

Common Sayings Revisited

I Don’t Need Help With My Talk

Powerpoint Pitfalls #1

A Platform To Stand On

Earn More Money From Your Networking

The Value Of Iron

Put The “You” Before The “I”

Like Filler In Hot Dogs For Writers

Are You Making Enough Money In Your Networking Group?

Like Filler In Hot Dogs

There Is A Chance Of It Being A Definite Possibility

This Has Nothing To Do With Public Speaking

Powerpoint – The Rule Of Thirds

The Less You Give, The More Your Audience Will Remember

All Speaking Is Pubic Speaking

15 Seconds

Give Your Best

A Good Presentation Is All About…

The Language We Speak

Magical Transformations – Creating Effective Powerpoint Graphics

Words To Inspire: The Speech Or Toast At Your Company Holiday Party

A Talk Well Done

Add Sheen To Your Presentation

Giving Thanks: Your Toast For The Holiday Meal


Are You Blogging, Tweeting, And Linking In?

Pointers For Powerpoint Users

Proper Use Of Powerpoint

Helping You Prosper From Your Words

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