Show The Audience Who You Really Are

Audiences love a speaker with personality and style. They enjoy seeing a person who is confident enough to be them self. Image result for confidence

We often get this image of the professional we are supposed to project: clean, neat, orderly, standing still, and quite boring. There are qualities here that are important, but do not overdo it.

Let your personality shine. Let the audience see that sparkle in your eye and feel the passion from your gut. Relax just enough to be a real person. Show your human side and the commonalities you share with the audience. Mannequins look great in a store window, but they are boring at the lectern.

An inexperienced chef will follow a recipe closely. As she gains experience, she learns what works. She will look at the recipe and tweak it, adding, and deleting ingredients to make something unique and different. As a speaker, you need to do the same. Follow guidelines and as you gain experience, add pinches of individuality to make something truly memorable.

Take speaking techniques seriously but do not be so serious as to be boring. Be willing to try something new. Take a risk and see how it works. By doing this, your talks will be more fun for you to deliver and more enjoyable for the audience to hear.

Put the time, thought and effort into making a top rate presentation. It should be well focused with a clear goal, audience interaction, and great graphics. Add in enough fun.

Keep in mind you are a professional. Your reputation and that of the organization you represent is on the line. Relax enough to have fun and let your inner self shine, but be careful not too fall to being crass or inappropriate. Let your hair down so the audience can see who you are, but keep it brushed.

The missing ingredient in most rules of public speaking is the personality of the speaker. Allow your character to shine. Use the “rules” of public speaking as guidelines. Show your audience the real person in you and they will feel your excitement.


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