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Getting Straight With Visuals Aids

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A picture is worth a thousand words

My chiropractor did an excellent job today. Better than what he did to my body – it was the way he explained the issues through visual aids.

As he spoke, rather than just relying on his words, he had an array of visual aids ready. As he explained the possible issue with my back, he held up a model of a spine, showed me the parts and how they were supposed to work, and what he thought was going on in my back. As he twisted the model, it all made sense to me. He then stepped to a poster on his wall and showed me another possible ailment – seeing the diagram helped me quickly understand what a “disc” is, how it functions, and what happens to make it hurt.

On another wall, he had a diagram of the recovery process. It seemed complicated but rather than explain all of it to me, he simply showed the part of the process important to me: where I was and where I hoped to be.

Now think back to a time you visited a Doctor or even your car mechanic. As they explained the problems using only their words, did you find yourself glazing over, not understanding, but agreeing to what they said just because you did not want to appear ignorant or hear it again?

Visual Aids Add Meaning To Your Words

Visual aids are powerful tools that help make your point. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words – well so are models, sketches, posters, and even hand-drawn diagrams. The next time you have to explain a process or outcome, think of a way to include a visual aid. Is there a model, a poster, a picture, a diagram that can get your point across? If you can do this, you will find it easier to discuss your topic with your audience and they will more readily understand the concepts.

A picture (or model or diagram or poster) really is worth a thousand words and, let’s face it; no one wants to hear those thousand words anyway.

Dr. Doug DeSalvo
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