Workshops and Coaching

Do you want to grow your business and move your projects forward?

If so, having a great idea is not enough. To be successful, you must be able to articulate your dream in a way that provokes and inspires. You must effectively communicate to your customers, prospects, and co-workers.

ISpeakEASY offers you a variety of workshops to improve your speaking and communication skills. You can enroll as an individual to an open enrollment workshop OR have the workshop delivered at your work site specifically for your staff. It is up to you!

Our ideal clients are professionals with experience speaking  interested in in moving from being good to EXCELLENT.


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Speakers Academy – If you are a professional serious about improving your presentation skills, this is your workshop. You will improve your confidence and credibility and see greater results from your presentations. You will be amazed at how much this workshop changes your beliefs about and approach to communication.


iSpeakEASY For Innovative Interpretive Skills– Having earned 3 levels of certification through the National Association For Interpretation, and having 38 years experience, iSpeakEASY offers a variety of workshops and other services for professional interpreters and docents.


Communicating Science – The need for excellent communication skills is enhanced bu the current political climate of our nation. Programs are being slashed and regulations are being cutback.

Effective communication skills are essential to gaining support for your helping decision makers understand the value of good science. .This workshop focuses on taking scientific information and presenting it a manner that inspires, informs, and motives decision makers


12 Qualities Of An Effective Speaker – Learn the 3 highly desired qualities of an effective speaker, 4 tools professional presenters use to help audience retain information, and the 5 fatal flaw that turn your audience against you.

Communication Skills For The Environmental Professional – Effective communication  Information must be delivered in a meaningful and relevant way to help policy makers, the public, and supporters understand the value of your good work. This session focuses on how to present information on the environment (even on controversial issues) to help others understand the importance of your data.

How To Deliver Technical Presentations – It is easy to get so wrapped up in the details of your work that the very meaning is lost. This session helps individuals who work in data heavy fields (Accountants, scientists, mortgage brokers, financial planners) present information in an accurate yet easy to digest manner.

Speaking On Your Feet – Is it helpful for you to be able to respond to questions and address issues quickly – when you have little time to prepare? Your credibility and perhaps even your job may depend on how well you respond. This session gives simple, easy to implement, yet highly effective techniques to think on your feet and come out as a winner.

PowerPoint Skills Workshop – In this hands-on session, you will begin to master PowerPoint as a tool to enhance the message of your presentation. You will learn what to include when you design slides (and what to leave out) to avoid “suicide by PowerPoint.” You will also learn how to effectively delivery your PowerPoint presentations.

Effective Presentation Skills For The Occasional Speaker – If you are called on to make presentations as part of your job, even infrequently, you want to do well conveying information clearly and concisely. In this workshop, you will improve confidence and credibility with new tools to effectively communicate your ideas and your projects.

Managing Difficult Audiences – Working with difficult individuals in an audience and facilitating discussions on controversial topics require special skills for you to maintain (and even build) your credibility. This session is for the practiced presenter who deals with challenging topics or audiences.

iSpeakEASY Communication Skills Training – Good communication within the office is a key element of a highly effective office. This session will improve communications between co-workers and improve service to your customers and clients.

Interest Based Negotiation – Focusing on the elements and interests of all parties involved in a discussion is the best way to quickly reach an agreement that works for everyone. This session removes the conflict from your negotiations and replaces it with mutual cooperation, with all parties working toward a common goal.

Verbal Victories – Your credibility as a speaker is often determined by how you handle difficult people in your audience. In this session, you will learn new skills for maintaining control when dealing with hecklers during your presentation.

Earn More From Your Infomercial – Your success is directly influenced by your ability to help others see clearly the benefits of your product or service. This workshop gives you the skills you need to motivate and inspire others when you have only 30 seconds to deliver your message.

Change The World In 2 Minutes – Training For Leadership Groups – If you are part of a nonprofit or a community organization, you must articulate the value of your work in a short period of time. In this session, you will learn to make the most of your time in the public comment portion of city council and commission meetings.

Speaking And Writing For Results – Basic office communication skills are essential for a business or agency to thrive. This workshop provides you practical, easy-to-implement tools to improve the two most common communication tools you use with co-workers and those you serve.

Don’t See The Workshop You Need?

We will custom-design a workshop to meet the needs of you, your company, or your organization. Contact us at 1.415.342.7106 or

Individualized coaching available on request

iSpeakEASY is committed to helping you improve your skills.  Post workshop support is included at no additional cost and includes limited phone and email support to help you launch your new skills.

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