Eight “Tricks” To A Great Presentation

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Good presentations do not happen and excellent presenters are not born. A good presentation is one that is carefully crafted and an excellent presenter is one that hones her skills and uses her tools appropriately.

tricks and tipsHere are tricks you can incorporate to make your presentations a success.

1.       Create a clear message – Know what you want your audience to know and do when you are through speaking.

2.      Develop good visuals – Create visual aids that are interesting, clear, and to the point. Audiences often miss the message when visual aids (PowerPoint in particular) are poorly designed.

 3.      Know your audience

Research the group before you arrive. Take time to meet individuals before you speak. During the talk, pay attention to the energy of the audience.

4.      Allow for adequate time to prepare

Preparation is critical if you are to deliver a credible and moving presentation. Create an outline, good visuals, practice; and know how to use your equipment. The first time you deliver a talk should not be in front of a “live” audience.

5.      Make your audience comfortable

Audiences that are uncomfortable in their chairs, hungry, thirsty, in need of a break, or in a room with poor temperature control, will have a difficult time paying attention.

6.      Set up the room to meet your needs

Arrange the seats, tables, lectern and the screen so it works for you and your audience.

7.      Present yourself appropriately

The audience will judge you based on your dress, language you use, and your level of organization. Watch your use of “French”, jargon and technical terms.

8.      Evaluate your work

Check your success based on the goals you set in the first step. Revise your presentation to improve your presentation skills.


In truth, these are not “tricks” at all; these are tips you can use if you want to present well. Yes, it takes time to create and deliver a presentation that is memorable, a good speaker works to engage and motivate their audience – but is worth the effort.


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